European Union Film Showcase


  • Description
  • This film re-creates the life and atmosphere

    of Athens' celebrated Acropole theater,

    which featured lavish, Hollywood-style

    musicals in the '50's and '60's. Performed

    by self-taught actors, the Acropole's

    bawdy political satire was an attraction

    not only for the well-to-do, but for the working

    citizens of the city. The film begins

    when Prince, the producer of the establishment,

    hires Lakis, a one-time child prodigy

    of the popular cinema who specializes in

    performing comic female roles. A bitter

    man who now works at a casting agency

    for extras, Lakis is taken aback by this

    unexpected offer. Upon arriving at the

    Acropole, he stirs up both condescension

    and antagonism in his fellow performers,

    particularly Platon Sparides, the leading

    actor of the troupe. It does not help matters

    when Lakis embarks upon a pursuit of

    Sparides' actress lover, Leta. On stage

    and off, Lakis must settle his accountsboth

    to others and to himself.

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