• Description
  • Bubby's entire knowledge of the universe

    stops at the walls of the two-room slum he

    has been confined to for the thirty-eight

    years since his birth. He knows of the existence

    of only himself and his mother. He

    plays with the feral cat and the cockroaches.

    Mom vaguely looks after him.

    Until Pop comes home. Suddenly, the universe

    is a more complicated place than

    Bubby had thought. Theories of existence

    and behavior are overthrown in a wild revolution

    that leads Bubby to seeing

    "Outside" for the first time. It is a place

    where survival depends not on who you

    are, but on who you seem to be, and if

    there's one thing Bubby's thirty-eight years

    of deprivation have prepared him for, it's

    how to seem like someone else. -

    Production notes. Bad Boy Bubby. is John

    Powers' (Vogue Magazine} Critic's Choice.

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