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  • Set in Greenville, S.C., not long after

    WWII, this story looks behind Tobacco

    Road cliches to evoke the complex weave

    of love, hardship and family bonds that

    conditioned the life of the poor whites in

    the days before New South prosperity

    kicked in. Pie opens with a narrator recalling

    that she was born after her single

    mom, Anney, was hurled through a car

    windshield during an accident. An uncle

    nicknamed the newborn Bone, and the

    county declared her illegitimate, beginning

    a long obsession with that label on

    the part of both Anney and her daughter.

    ... Anney ... is still eager enough for love

    that she eventually succumbs to the earnest

    courting of Glen ... Bone and Glen are subtly

    at odds from the outset. Soon, though,

    the beatings are regular, secret and sadistic.

    Anney reacts by leaving Glen, but

    eventually returns. She's torn between two

    kinds of love, and her inability to reconcile

    them sets the stage for the horrific event

    that climaxes the tale and prompts Bone to

    reject her mother. -Godfrey Cheshire,


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