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  • Description
  • Three friends on their way from Italy to one of the

    most beautiful game reserves on the Balkan peninsula

    expect their annual rendezvous with the chief huntsman.

    But this time something has gone awry - the huntsman is

    nowhere to be found. The only person there is his young

    beautiful daughter who reluctantly leads them to the

    hunting ground in his place. As night falls, movement in

    the brush causes the group to become restless. Suddenly,

    shots ring out.

    This is only the beginning of their nightmare, as the

    hunters become the hunted, in the midst of the first

    skirmishes of a strange, little war - what is about to

    become a bloodbath of biblical proportions, the SerboCroatian


    Gripping and intense, this horrific piece of fiction

    makes us realize how vulnerable we are to our

    unpredictably changing world.

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