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  • A PLACE CALLED CHIAPAS is an exemplary

    documentary that vividly and lucidly

    explores a modern Mexican standoff.

    Filmmaker Nettie Wilde notes that in

    'canada, the North American Free Trade

    Agreement, which went into effect Jan. 1,

    1994, was a matter for debate; in the

    state of Chiapas, one of the poorest in

    Mexico, it provoked a revolution. On the

    day NAFTA went into effect, the Zapatista

    National Liberation Army took over five

    towns and over 500 ranches in Chiapas,

    ousting landlords, stranding tourists, and

    infuriating the Mexican government,

    which sent 30,000 troops to encircle the

    rebel area. A cease-fire ensued almost

    immediately, and an uneasy standoff

    resulted ... -David Stratton, VARIETY


    Rustling Of Leaves: Inside the Philippine Revolution

    (1989/90); Blockade (1993)

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