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  • AIRBAG sets out to be frenzied, fun, and daring .. .Th1s third, long

    awaited feature from 30-year-old helmer Juanma Baja Ullos is a

    $6 million postmodern comedy thriller that shows equal traces of

    John Woo and Quentin Tarantino ...w ithout neglecting the quirky

    kitsch of Pedro Almodovar...With a speaking cast of more than 50,

    the pie thinks big both visually and conceptually.

    Nerdy mommy's boy Juantxo, the kind of guy who falls in love

    with a hooker on his stag night, is engageed to be married.

    Dragged unwillingly along to a party by friends, he loses the

    pricey wedding ring to a prostitute. The ring is found by a

    Mafioso wh·o owns the whorehouses along the North Coast. The

    rest of the pie charts the frenzied three-day attemps by Juantxo

    and his pals to recover the ring as they hurtle around northern

    Spain ...

    AIRBAG successfully revels in its own indie-style cleverness and

    breathless sense of self-parody, with Baja Ulloa reserving the best

    moments for telling details amongst the genre-mixing anarchy.

    AIRBAG confirms his status as one of the key Spanish helmers of

    the 90's.-Jonathan Holland, VARIETY


    Butterfly Wings 1990; The Dead Mother 1992

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