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  • A little girl (played by a luminous 8-yearold

    Alana De Roma) rendered speechless

    after witnessing a harrowing event years

    prior is taken by her mother from the

    country to the city to get their lives back

    together. Her mother's attempts to find a

    cure for her daughter's seemingly

    impenetrable ailment takes her to the

    limits of trust and love when she moves

    her daughter to a seedy lower class

    neighborhood where she reluctantly

    discovers the girl can communicate only

    by singing.

    Director Nadia Tass has assembled a cast

    of Australia's finest actors, who combine

    to make this a delightful and moving film

    full of charm.


    Malcolm (1985); Rikky & Pete (1987); The Big Steal

    (1989); Mr. Reliable (1996); Amy (1998)

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