Special Presentation


  • Description
  • Eisenstein, the AFI Film Festival presents the recently restored

    version of BATILESHIP POTEMKIN, featuring formerly excised

    footage. Undeniably one of the greatest films in cinematic

    history, BATILESHIP POTEMKIN effectively portrays the horrors

    of the failed Russian Revolution of 1905. Besides its social

    significance, this film is arguably the seminal film for modern

    film editing techniques. All of Eisenstein's early experiments on

    the psychological effects and responses elicited through editing

    culminate in this film, most specifically in the brilliant and

    revered "Odessa Steps" sequence. This remarkable film has

    influenced and shaped filmmakers of every generation.

    AFI Fest '98 is proud to screen this groundbreaking epic, with a

    newly composed live score by Tryptich accompanying this

    historical film. Tryptich are Paul Cantelon on piano, Lili Hayden

    on violin, Martin Tillman on cello, Chad Smith (of the Red Hot

    Chili Peppers) on drums.

    Tryptich would like to thank Lance from the Troubador, Peggy

    McAffee, Lotus Weinstock, God, Lee Cantela, Angelon Cluskey,

    The Tillman Family, Barbara Hutson.

    Sound mixer/Tech: Johnny Ferrel


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