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  • While her younger sister Jannika is a well-adjusted girl at peace

    with her family, rebellious 23-year-old Sandra is sinking rapidly

    into the quicksand of drugs and prostitution. Her pusher

    roommate Roffe forces her to turn tricks to pay for the

    narcotics he sells her. After nearly dying from an overdose,

    Sandra realizes that her only hope of escaping this degenerate

    existence is to leave Stockholm and her destructive "friends",

    and to enter a treatment centre for addicts out in the country.

    Deprived of his best customer, Roffe sets his sights on Sandra's

    18-year-old sister. It doesn't take long for Roffe to seduce

    Jannika and get her started on drugs and prostitution as well.

    When Sandra gets word of what has been happening in her

    absence, she escapes from the rehabilitation centre and returns

    to Stockholm to try to save her sister.-MONTREAL WORLD FILM


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