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  • One of the most prolific and adventurous filmmakers in

    contemporary Spanish cinema, Ventura Pons offers up a

    kaleidoscopic x-ray of peculiar urban behaviors. A circuit of

    abrupt meetings between displaced city dwellers links the

    encounters of characters infected with a strange virus of badtempered

    loneliness which they appear to pass from one to the

    next as they move through the city.

    Under the expert hand of Pons and the excellent performances of

    his actors, these figures of self-destructive cruelty seem

    irresistibly tender. The hostile streets of Barcelona serve as the

    backdrop for this poignant and relevant version of LA RONDE.


    Ocana, Intermittent Portrait (1977); The Vicary of Olot (1981); The Blonde at the Bar

    (1986); Damned Misery! (1989); What's Your Bet, Mari Pili? (1990); Tonight or Never

    (1991); Rosita, Please! (1993); What It's All About (1994); Actresses (1996); Caresses


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