New Directions


  • Description
  • A seemingly stable and thoughtful teacher who hasn't been in a

    classroom in 25 years is called back as substitute teacher in a

    suburban high school. Having been in high school himself 30

    years prior, it couldn't have changed that much. Or so he thinks.

    What he isn't ready for is the surreal world of the modern day

    high school. Violence, insubordination, fear of lawsuits by

    students and textbooks held back by religious fanatics is enough

    to push any teacher to (or over) the edge. What the students of

    his Donner High detention class, the most troubled in the

    school, are not ready for are Mr. Walmsley and his twisted and

    deranged solution to the problems of modern day teaching. This

    superb black comedy/mystery will make you question your own

    view of today's education problems.


    Positive ID (1988), Detention (1998)

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