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  • Twin girls, abandoned by their mother, are raised by their

    grandmother who calls them Vladimir and llyich after her hero

    Lenin. Their life under the protection of their grandmother and

    her Communist teaching ends with her sudden death, and at the

    age of eight the girls find themselves in an orphanage. There

    they create a world of their own, excluding all others, forming a

    symbiotic love that will follow them throughout their lives.

    When their mother suddenly re-appears to take them with her

    into a life in the circus, this relationship becomes threatened as

    she bestows adoration on the more talented one, training her to

    be a trapeze artist. while turning the other into her sister's

    servant. But when she reveals that she has learned the art of

    fire-eating, the neglected sister finally wins the affection of her

    venomous mother.

    "FIRE-EATER deals with the theme of the passing on of evil, with

    how the burden flows from one generation to the next until

    someone halts it."-Pirjo Honkasalo


    Flametop [1980); 250 Grams [1983); Da Capo (1985); Mysterion (1991); Tanjuska

    and the 7 Devils (1993); Atman (1996); Fire-Eater (1998)

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