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  • A transcontinental love story that follows

    electronic pen pals in Los Angeles and

    Germany who start getting amorous,

    INTERNET LOVE is as much about the

    dehumanizing effect of computers as it is

    about the questionable authenticity of

    any idealized relationships. When the

    heartsick Laura gets too frustrated in

    Germany dating Daniel through her

    keyboard, her virtual lover invites her to

    fly out to Southern California and see him

    in person. Laura eagerly accepts and ends

    up in America, where the pair realizes

    there's no chemistry between them.

    Filmmaker Schmidt tapped L.A.'s

    Playhouse West to assemble his cast.

    whom he encouraged to improvise. The

    result is a revelation of spontaneous

    energy, while also lending an unexpected

    urgency to the much more compelling

    theme of human fulfillment in the

    modern age.

    Selected Filmography:

    Nachtmittags (1964); Der Fan (1981); Das Gold der

    Liebe (1983); Alpha City (1985); Midnight Blue (1991);

    Undine (1992); Der Sandmann (1993); Broken Hearts

    (1996); Internet Love (1998)

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