New Directions


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  • In this nine-to-five, work-oriented world - who hasn't thought

    of escaping their everyday responsibilities? JEROME is a day-inthe-

    life story of one such dreamer, Wade Hampton, who has

    been trapped for the last 15 years in an unfulfilling existence at

    an assembly-line factory in Bakersfield, CA.

    One day, Wade walks away from his job, family and friends,

    hitting the road to fulfill his secret dream - to become an artist

    in the remote town of Jerome, AZ. On his journey, Wade meets

    Jane, a road-hardened, enigmatic drifter, who seems to be living

    the life of total freedom that he has longed for.- TAOS TALKING



    JEROME is Thomas Johnston, David Elton Et Eric Tignini's feature film debut.

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