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  • Many films have brought home the tragedy of war by focusing

    on the plight of those fighting on the front lines.

    Young Milan and his family have managed to avoid the

    holocaust consuming those trapped in Yugoslavia, but they are

    concerned for the safety of Milan's grandmother, who still

    dwells in the war-torn country. Eldest son Sasha is dispatched to

    Serbia by train to bring his grandmother back to Vienna, but he

    is taken off the train and conscripted by Serb soldiers, leaving

    his family without word of his fate for more than a year. This is

    a brilliant directorial debut, underplaying the political

    ramifications of the horrific conflict. concentrating instead on

    the toll it takes on those who think that physical distance from

    a war will protect them from the horrors of battle.


    GEOR GICA is Goran Rebic's feature film debut.

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