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  • One of the brightest dark comedies to emerge this year, LATE

    LAST NIGHT is that rare mix of sharp wit and quirky charm

    wrapped around an infernal all-night bender worthy of Dante

    -Scorsese's AFTER HOURS re-imagined for L.A.

    When Dan breaks up with his wife Jill he gets thrown out of his

    own house and ends up drowning his sorrows at the Formosa

    Cafe, calling everyone in his address book for some comfort. As

    fortune has it, the only one he reaches is devilish buddy Jeff, who

    whisks him to Jones Diner, picks up two go-go girls, steals a car,

    and has a coke-snorting orgy in a suite at the Sunset Vista -and

    it's not even midnight yet!

    Actor (THE WEDDING SINGER) and screenwriter (THE MIGHTY

    DUCKS) Steven Brill makes his directing debut with this surreal

    romp through the City of Angels, complete with helicopter police

    raids, rooftop sex, subway rides, predawn golf and even a

    spontaneous break into song. LATE LAST NIGHT is a nocturnal



    Heavyweights (1995); Late Last Night (1998)

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    Todd King, Screenland Pictures

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