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  • Set in Antwerp, Belgium, in the early 70's Chaja, a young

    philosophy student, supports herself doing odd jobs while

    attending University. She has a complex relationship with her

    parents, both survivers of the concentration camps. Her mother

    denies the past completely and her father spends his time

    searching for two suitcases he buried before the war.

    A family friend, Mr. Apfelschnitt,helps her secure a job as a

    nanny with Mr. and Mrs. Kalman, a Hassidic Jewish family. Their

    world is alien to the liberated Chaja. However, one of the three

    boys in her care, five year old Simcha, with his mischievous

    charm, steals her heart. He doesn't talk, though there is no

    explanation for his silence. As they become closer, Chaja realizes

    that Simcha can talk, but simply prefers to remain silent. Chaja

    decides to take on the mission of eaching Simcha to speak. She

    wants his father to be proud of his son.

    Despite the minefield of customs and prejudice she encounters,

    the love between Chaja and Simcha crosses all barriers. Through

    her love for the family's five year old son, she learns to accept

    and respect a culture steeped in traditions, finding the true

    values of life.


    LEFT LUGGAGE is Jeroen Krabbe's feature film debut.

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