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  • In the role of his lifetime, Lloyd Bridges is "Daddy," the South's

    (and possibly the world's) most wily and manipulative father.

    Peter is a transplanted New Yorker who is having a hard time

    loving Los Angeles -- that is, until he meets Melanie, the girl of

    his dreams. Peter is Jewish. Melanie is southern. Peter is

    neurotic. Melanie can handle it. For them the only remaining

    step in their fairytale romance is the one thing that any man in

    love with a beautiful woman fears most: meeting her Daddy.

    In this frenetic, hilarious clash of cultures, fish-out-of-water

    Peter goes for a two day visit that turns into two weeks of

    agony as he tries everything to ingratiate himself to Daddy. And

    fails. Miserably.

    When Peter turns to Melanie's brothers for help - the businessobsessed,

    button-down Larry and the wildly obnoxious, eerily

    evangelical Oink - things go from bad to hysterical. To add to

    Peter's frustration, he must dodge Southern belle-from-hell


    Melanie is torn between the man she loves and the family that

    won't Jet go of her. Can Peter get Melanie away from her family

    before Daddy drives them both insane?

    Selected Filmography:

    M EETING DAD DY is Peter Gould's feature film debut.

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