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  • The AFI Fest is proud to spotlight Filmmakers Alliance, the

    cutting-edge Los Angeles filmmaking collective, by screening its

    latest collection of short films under the title of "Love and

    Death" -four darkly comic takes on love, crime, relationships,

    birth, death and socks. The four films will be preceeded by a PSA

    on domestic abuse that was produced as part of FA's PSA

    program and played in theaters across the country.

    The five year old collective is Los Angeles' most radically

    innovative arts organization, created by and for filmmakers and

    using a unique system of mutual support to provide education

    and opportunity to the community's emerging filmmakers. The

    program showcases the high quality of work coming out of FA,

    and displays the member-filmmakers' diverse aesthetic

    approaches to a common theme.

    HE LOVES ME, HE LOVES ME NOT (35mm B/W 1 min) Public

    service announcement on domestic abuse co-sponsored by The

    United Way and Cedars Sinai.

    LOVE WITHOUT SOCKS (35mm Color 14 min) A loving couple,

    partners in crime, faces an unexpected challenge to their

    relationship in the middle of a job, when they confront the hard

    fact that sometimes relationships are just about socks.

    MY BEAUTIFUL ME (16mm Color 18 min) Highly-empowered,

    overly-nurturing, entirely sensitive to each others issues and

    missing an ovary, Joseph and Judy discover the dark side of their

    inner child when they decide to ask Judy's racist stepfather

    Frank for money to artificially inseminate.

    SHIVA'S TEARDROP (16mm Color 11 min) Murderous thoughts

    and unresolved relationship issues incongruously play out

    between two women and a jewel thief in the aftermath of a


    MITZI AND JOE (35mm Color 25 min) With the mob leaning

    heavily on Joe to pay his debts, he devises his best scam yet,

    bilking an apparently soon to die octogenarian, Mitzi, out of her

    expensive home. For Joe, time is running out. For Mitzi, time is

    running in.


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