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  • Stories of adultery always transcend cultural boundaries, and

    "Mr. Zhao" is no exception. When the title character, a teacher,

    begins an affair with one of his former students, his wife follows

    him and discovers the infidelity. Complicating matters, his

    mistress reveals that she's carrying his child. Not wanting to sever

    responsibility completely for the wife who paid his way through

    college and bore him a son, and unwilling to abandon his

    mistress, Mr. Zhao is faced with the agony of choosing between

    the two women.

    This simple premise is the foundation for director Lu Yue's

    remarkable drama, during which his extended, static camera

    shots establish a feeling of intimacy while they create a nagging

    sense of claustrophobia, capturing the actors in flawlessly

    performed scenes of domestic longing. And in resisting the use of

    music, Lu keeps his story from getting maudlin, heightening its

    impact: every awkw.ard pause and stutter is preserved in the

    unwavering eye of the camera, which records the heartbreak of

    his characters with unfailing emotional truth.


    MR. ZHAO is Lu Yue's feature film debut.

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