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  • Parvez, a taxi driver in Britain, can't break

    out of his working class status and afford

    a better life for his wife, Minoa and son,

    Farid. Working into the night to earn his

    keep, Parvez endures condescension from

    people like Schultz, a private client he

    chauffeurs around town and matches up

    with local prostitute Bettina, to whom

    Parvez acts as part-father, part-pimp.

    But when Farid breaks off his engagement

    with an Anglo-Saxon woman in protest to

    racial integration and becomes an Islamic

    fundamentalist, Parvez finds himself

    hosting a radical religious zealot in his

    home and losing both son and wife to

    intolerant Middle Eastern beliefs.


    Brothers in Trouble; Femme Fatale; 102 Boulevard


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