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  • "The world's first rock 'n' roll samurai movie" is director Hiroyuki

    Nakano's electrifying blend of genres and attitudes, conjuring a

    hip cinematic feast for the senses. Set in 17th century Japan, the

    story follows the hot-headed Heishiro lnukai and his attempts to

    reclaim his clan's sacred sword, stolen by Kazamatsuri (Tomoyasu

    Hotei). the very man hired to protect their treasures. When their

    first encounter leaves Heishiro wounded and one of his men

    dead, he goes to the aid of a pacifist samurai, who not only holds

    the key to defeating Kazamatsuri, but also has a distractingly

    beautiful daughter.

    Nakano creates a uniquely eccentric world of Shoguns, pop

    music, and gambling femmes fatales, all photographed in the

    most voluptuous black and white cinematography and studded

    with bursts of color. Naming his characters after famous

    Japanese directors like Akira Kurosawa, Kenji Mizoguchi and Seijin

    Suzuki, the director cpnsciously pays homage to his artistic

    sources while simultaneously sending them up. The result is a

    breathlessly, and hilariously, original vision.


    SAMURAIF ICTOI N is HiroyukiN akano's feature film debut.

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