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  • STONEBROOK is the story of a young man caught between the

    underworld and his integrity as he struggles to advance in life.

    Erik leaves his farm roots behind for Stonebrook, an elite private

    university. His finances in shambles, Erik is lured by his

    mysterious roommate into the fast-cash world of con games,

    but his sudden change in character and spending habits makes

    his newfound girlfriend suspicious.

    A wealthy underworld figure offers Erik and his roommate

    resources and protection for a cut of the profits. Success

    abounds until a detective nails them and they are forced to steal

    incriminating account records for a money laundering operation

    in which the gangster plays a part. The two young men, still

    hungry for the game, decide to weave their own profitable con

    into the bust.

    Thanks to a scam gone wrong, Erik becomes a man on the run

    with many unanswered questions and little time for answers.


    STONEBROOK is Bryan W. Thompson's feature film debut.

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