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  • An astonishing re-enactment of a tragic

    true story: eleven-year old twin daughters

    are kept locked away at home their entire

    lives as possessive parents deny them the

    sort cif freedom and friendships that other

    children take for granted. When a

    concerned neighbor finally calls a social

    service worker and the girls are released,

    their sense of discovery in the everyday

    streets of Iran is colored with a delightful

    awe for simple pleasures while back at

    home, their well-meaning but woefully

    misguided father is forced to cut through

    the iron bars of their front door with a

    crude hand-saw.

    Samira Makhmalbaf uses the actual

    participants of this story, none of whom

    are professional actors, to recreate their

    own lives. The result is a deceptively dense

    meditation on society's responsibility to

    its members and the true meaning of

    personal liberty.


    THE APPLE is Samira Makhmalbaf's feature film debut.

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