• Description
  • Filmmaker David Zeiger spends one year

    filming his 18 year old son Danny and

    fellow members of the Decatur High

    School Marching Band. Surprisingly at

    ease and unselfconscious in front of the

    camera, the students philosophize, clown

    and give unflinchingly earnest accounts

    of their lives in progress.

    Against a backdrop of personal tragedy

    (the death nine years earlier of Danny's

    brother and the parents' subsequent

    divorce), the film offers a voyeuristic

    glimpse, in turns painful and uplifting, of

    how a father and son rediscover and

    strengthen the bonds that unite them.

    Those persuaded by today's stereotypica I

    portrayal of teenages as being insensitive,

    violent and angry are in for a wake-up

    call. Zeiger's subjects come across as both

    perceptive and introspective, with

    refreshingly open and independent minds.

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