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  • Martin, a not-so busy actor, is resolutely determined not to grow

    up. Walking about Berlin, he dreams of making a film about his

    own youth and the good old days of rock'n'roll. Sadly he is the

    only one interested in such a film.

    As luck would have it, Maria, the actress he used to live with,

    puts in an appearance. She has acquired a sack full of cash which

    a bank robber was obliged to leave behind in order to escape

    from the police. She needs some advice: what should she do with

    the money? Maria and Martin have an on-off relationship-she

    ousts the guy living with her, and he always has some girl dying

    to live with him. Their life together is a madhouse. Martin's the

    kind of guy who loves to remember his favorite films whenever

    he's in the mood. Maria would prefer him to realize from time to

    time that he's not living in a cinema. When a seventeen year old

    neighbor is attacked by a rapist, Martin fights for her like a true

    film hero. But it is no.t until Martin discovers her suicide note

    that he realizes what she needs in order to survive. When he

    enters the missing girl's apartment for the last time, he is

    confronted with a surprise that literally knocks him off his feet.

    Selected Filmography:

    Treffen In Travers (1988); Abschied Von Agnes (1993); The Big Mambo (1997)

    Print Source:

    Neue Deutsche Filmgesellschaft

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