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  • The authorities of a sanitarium for elderly and bedridden

    patients decide to offer shelter to some small girls who have

    lost their home when their orphanage catches fire.

    Seven year old Marysia tries to befriend Adam, a man at the end

    of his life. Although the children have changed the atmosphere

    of the home, Adam resists -in his words- this infantile euphoria.

    Henryk is different -open hearted, tender and joyful. What's

    more, he believes in the supernatural world of witches, ghosts

    and devils. Thanks to him, Marysia sees the sad and gloomy

    sanatorium as a magical place.

    Although this sounds like standard fare, THE BOOK OF GREAT

    WISHES is, in fact, a darkly delightful story, beautifully shot, and

    filled with ghosts, sex and, of course, the redemptive power of



    Happy Child (1991); The Book of Great Wishes (1998)

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    Film Polski

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