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  • A raw, clear-eyed melodrama about two

    young women and the fragile friendship

    they form. When 20-year old homeless

    backpacker Isa buoyantly enters the

    emotionally cool world of Marie, the two

    become reluctant friends, and Isa

    eventually moves into Marie's apartment

    as they begin to share more and more of

    their lives. As Marie involves herself with

    a hurtful boy from a local bar, Isa gets

    surprisingly drawn to a fellow building

    tenant who's comatose.

    In the dynamics of this surprising duo

    come the film's revelations, a tender

    study of people's uncanny ability to be

    simultaneously sensitive and cruel, yet

    inexorably drawn to each other despite

    themselves. For their riveting

    performances Bouchez and Regnier both

    shared the award for Best Actress at this

    year's Cannes Film Festival.


    THE DREAMLIFE OF ANGELS is Erick Zonca's feature

    film debut.

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