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  • In February of 1986, the controversial Swedish Prime Minster

    Olaf Palme was gunned down in downtown Stockholm.

    This taut and compelling thriller in the vein of THE DAY OF THE

    JACKAL follows Roger Nyman, a young police officer who is

    tracking a man wanted by Interpol for the murder of a black

    South African politician. His investigation leads him to believe

    that the killer's next target is the Swedish prime minister. Upon

    reporting his findings, Nyman is abruptly taken off the case, but

    secretly continues the investigation on his own, putting his

    career and his family life in jeopardy. Then he gets a little too

    close ...

    Based on a novel, this is the first fictional feature to deal with

    the questions and theories surrounding the assassination, which

    remains unsolved to this day.

    Michael Kitchen is chillingly sinister as the killer, and the widescreen

    cinematography adds to the atmosphere of this

    engrossing and genuinely suspenseful film.


    Lucky Dog (1983); In the Name of the Law (1986); The Hunters (1995); The Last

    Contract (1998)

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