New Directions


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  • An engaging and original film about a divorced mother, Pat and

    her loving and protective relationship with her mentally ill

    daughter, May. May was once a brilliant mathematics major in

    college when something inside of her snapped, bringing about

    her hospitalization.

    The film begins after May's release, living with her mother,

    swallowing her medications and working part time in daycare.

    Pat is busy juggling her own full time job, watching over May,

    and defending May's right to live outside of an institution. May

    secretly wishes to introduce a father figur.e into the equation, if

    not solely for their own benefit, then to ease some of Pat's

    loneliness. With the attentions of a man in her mother's life,

    perhaps she could begin to assert her own independence and

    move on with her life.


    lAST DAYS OF MAY is George Spyros' feature film debut.

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