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  • Twenty-two years is a long time. Almost long enough for the

    Father Ivan Williams, Officer Frank O'Brien, attorney George

    Masseli, and mild-mannered businessman Derek Eastman to

    forget the darkest secret of their past. Almost.

    On a cold afternoon twenty-two years ago, the four friends sat

    at the edge of a quarry in their hometown, with a case of beer

    and a loaded handgun. They came to scare their teenage rivals.

    It was supposed to be a harmless practical joke. By nightfall the

    gun was empty, one stranger was dead and another Jay dying,

    the victims of mistaken identity. George didn't mean to pull the

    trigger. But who would believe them? Only they had seen what

    really happened.


    THE LESS ER EVIL is David Mackay's feature film debut.

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