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  • Through a startling visual and aural tapestry of fact. fiction and

    spirituality, THE OTHER CONQUEST tells the story of Emperor

    Moctezuma's illegitimate son, the Aztec scribe Topiltzin, who is

    trying to adapt to a new, hostile world after the 1521 Spanish

    Conquest of Mexico.

    When the Spaniards discover a clandestine human sacrifice,

    Topiltzin is captured and presented to Conqueror Hernando

    Cortes and Emperor Moctezuma's daughter, the remarkable

    Tecuichpo, who convinces Cortes to spare her half-brother's life.

    In a public ritual, Topiltzin is "converted" to the new faith and

    then confined in the Monastery of Our Lady of Light. Is the

    Indian's conversion real? Who is in fact converting whom? Or is

    Topiltzin trying to retain his own beliefs under the guise of the

    new creed? Will he be able to survive with his sanity intact?

    Fi I mog ra phy:

    THE OTHER C ONQUEST isS alvador Carrasco's feature film debut.

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    Carrasco a Domingo Films USA, Inc.,

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