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  • One of four Dutch films in a cinematic quartet that explores the

    end of the millennium in Holland, this is an exquisitely tender

    love story between misanthropic farmer Henk and Anne, the

    abused woman he takes in, whose life of forced prostitution

    leaves her mentally and physically beaten.

    The unlikely couple slowly begin to care for each other, with

    Anna drawing out Henk from his hermit's shell and breathing life

    into his veins while he infuses her with a worker's rough love of

    the land. But an urgency underscores the cautious opening of

    their hearts with the pressing intrusion of bank foreclosure on

    Henk's land and the violent pimps who return to claim Anna as

    their own. Director Karim Traidia keeps a respectful distance on

    his subjects by letting the characters express their budding,

    mutual fondness in understated ways that only deepen the

    cumulative effect of his deeply-felt film.


    THE POLISH BRIDE is Karin;1 T ra"i"dia's feature film debut.

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