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  • Rocha's gripping tale of jealousy is

    centered around Portugal's river of gold,

    where his middle-aged, working class

    characters live and toil. Carolina a levelcrossing

    keeper, and her boyfriend

    Antonio, the owner of a dredge boat,

    decide to get married. But when their

    sexy niece Melita accidentally ends up in

    the river, Antonio answers her cries for

    help, rescues her, and showers her with

    attention, to the consternation of his

    new bride.

    Then a train ride brings an unexpected

    encounter with a soothsayer gypsy

    goldsmith who, while peddling gold

    necklaces to Carolina and her niece, has a

    vision of Melita's life in all of its terrifying


    Selected Filmography:

    Os Verdes Anos (1963); Mudar de Vida (1965); llha dos

    Amores (1982); llha de Moraes (1983); Mascara de

    Ferro Contra Abismo Azul (1989); Oliveira,

    0 Arquitecto (1992); 0 Senhor Wenceslau de Moraes

    em Tokushima (1993); Imamura, 0 Livre Pensador

    (1995); 0 Rio Do Ouro (1998)

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    Suma Films

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