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  • One morning, three Soviet patrolmen discover a woman's shoe

    in the sand and footsteps leading to the local village of Leipaja.

    Alarms sound, troops are dispatched: an official inquiry begins.

    To whom does the shoe belong? A three-man investigative

    team, along with their well trained dog, are determined to find

    the shoe's owner and her motives for being on a forbidden

    beach at night.

    Despite military training, the patrolmen can't solve the mystery.

    Leipaja has seductive power. The residents, their habits and

    customs distract the investigator. The troops take too much

    time, neglect their purpose and begin to enjoy themselves.

    Pakalnina's visual style takes center stage, showcased by the

    astonishing black and white cinematography and precise

    com positions.


    T HES HOE isL ailaP akalnina's feature film debut.

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