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  • Second only to Hollywood in terms of

    production volume and box office, India's

    film industry almost never taps into

    American markets, resulting in a veritable

    gold mine of movies that generally

    remain undiscovered in the United States.

    Among the few breakouts this year is THE

    TERRORIST, writer/director Santosh Siva n's

    sleek, uncompromising story of guerilla

    conflict in the rainforests of his country.

    Selected from a small group of soldiers,

    19-year old woman warrior Ma Iii,

    orphaned by the beliefs for which her

    family died, is asked to sacrifice herself in

    a suicide assassination mission. In an

    elaborate scheme, she poses as an

    agricultural expert to gain access to her

    target, but finds that her own sexuality

    eventually gives rise to unexpected


    Winner Best Feature Film and Editing,

    National Film Festival, India.


    THE TERRO RIST is Santosh Sivan's feature film debut.

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