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  • Ingmar Bergman has been active in film production for almost

    55 years and is also one of the leading experts in Sweden on

    the silent film era. His experiences as an artist and film director

    are absolutely unique, making him a never-ending source of

    information and inspiration. THE VOICE OF BERGMAN is exactly

    what it promises: Bergman speaking about Bergman - no

    footage from Bergman's films, no music - just the voice of


    In this remarkable conversation Bergman speaks of his relation

    to the art of film, music and his enchantment for the close-up.

    It's about a true film lover who explores the history of film and

    its significance, a film for everyone interested in the beautiful

    and crazy world of film. It is a rare journey into the heart of one

    of the greatest filmmakers ever.

    PROD Gunnar Bergdahl, Bengt Toll DP Ralph Evers, Stefan Hencz ED Robert



    THE VOICE OF BERGMAN is Gunnar Bergdahl's feature film debut.

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    Swedish Film Institute

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