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  • A disarmingly original comic fable about the true' meaning of

    fortune, WAKING NED DEVINE invites audiences into the

    enchanting village ofTullymore, population 52 ... and shrinking.

    Jackie and Michael are life-long friends who have a talent for

    getting into mischief. In their cozy Irish village, even a modest

    jackpot would go a long, long way. So it is with great excitement

    that they read in the city newspaper that someone in Tullymore

    possesses a winning ticket. They figure it should be easy to sniff

    out the winner - in such a small village no one can keep a secret

    - and it should be a breeze to convince the winner to share his

    or her earnings with such good friends as Jackie and Michael.

    It could be Finn, the odorous pig farmer or his sensuous, scentsensitive

    lover Maggie. It might be the happy-go-lucky postmistress

    or it could be shriveled, witchy Lizzie Quinn, the town's

    blackest-souled member. But after several bottles of fine whiskey

    and eighteen chicken dinners, Jackie and Michael have gotten

    little more thanĀ· drunk and stuffed. Meanwhile, Jackie's

    resourceful wife Annie is getting a bit peeved.

    And that's when they discover that one member of the village is

    missing: sweet old Ned Devine.


    WAKNI GN ED DEVINEi s Kirk Jones' feature film debut.

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