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  • With his new film, writer/director Adam rifkin documents the

    meteoric rise of actor Nick Decker from complete unknown to

    Hollywood superstar. From his first role on BAYWATCH, a film

    shoot in Las Vegas, the Academy Awards, the Sundance Film

    Festival, and finally to an heroic attempt at a death defying

    stunt at the Cannes Film Festival, WELCOME TO HOLLYWOOD

    follows Nick's relentless pursuit of the Hollywood dream as well

    as his controversial public relationship with actress/supermodel

    Angie Everhart. Along the way, Hollywood's biggest names share

    their insights on what it takes to become a star, and remark on

    Nick's comic and heartfelt journey.

    Selected Filmography:

    Adam Rifkin: Small Soldiers {scr) (1998); The Dark Backward (1991); Welcome to

    Hollywood I (1998); Detroit Rock City (1999)

    Tony Markes: Last Dance (1992); Casualties {prod) (1996); Welcome to Hollywood!

    (1998); Rat in the Can (1999)

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    WTH Partners, LP

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