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  • Film preservation also means exhibition to AFI. This extraordinary

    program of rare films saved and/or restored by AFI includes the

    long lost first OUR GANG movie, the oldest surviving AfricanAmerican

    feature, a lost Harold Lloyd comedy and a lost Edison

    color film.

    The OUR GANG/UTILE RASCALS movie titled OUR GANG ( 1922,

    8 min) was discovered by AFI Curator Zoran Sinobad and restored

    in a Dutch laboratory. Mary Kornman, Ernie Morrison and Mickey

    Daniels star in a story of kids who use animal friends to help a

    woman save her store.

    WITHIN OUR GATES (1920, 71 min), made by the great AfricanAmerican

    director Oscar Michaux, was discovered in Spain and

    brought to the U.S. for restoration and retitling by the Library of

    Congress. It's a powerful story about racial relations and has a

    controversial lynching scene.

    The lost Hal Roach Lonesome Luke comedy PECULIAR PATIENTS

    PRANKS (1915, 9 min) stars Harold Lloyd cutting up in' a hospital.

    The Edison color movie THE ORIGINS OF BEETHOVEN'S

    MOONLIGHT SONATA (1909, 10 min) stars Charles Williams as

    Beethoven in a story about the composer's source of inspiration.

    AFI National Preservation Center Vice Chairman Ken Wlaschin will

    introduce the program and provide background on the films and

    their discovery.

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