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  • Set in a futuristic world reminiscent of Kubrick's CLOCKWORK

    ORANGE and Orwell's 1984, WOUNDINGS unfolds in a remote

    post-apocalyptic island under rigid militaristic rule and

    occupied by lonely shell-shocked soldiers whose job is to keep

    the peace and hopefully colonize the island. To that end, the

    government has enlisted fresh new recruits from the mainland;

    lonely young women with dreams of "love in a uniform." But

    these eager and naive young girls will come to learn that

    capturing a soldier's heart can end in tragedy.

    When the helicopter arrives from civilzation, three hopeful

    recruits step optimistically toward a new future with thoughts

    of real freedom and companionship in the hopes that they may

    ease the soldier's private torment and make good wives.

    Six lives will come crashing violently together when the Prince

    arrives to bless a marriage and tensions mount on the islandfueled

    by propaganda that a visiting journalist is distributing in

    a newsletter.

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    Muse Productions

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