Shorts Competition


  • Description
  • Modern living is held up for target practice in this series of shorts.

    Whether you reside in the hood or are surrounded by strip malls,

    you will see a bit of yourself in all these stories.

    DELUSIONS IN MODERN PRIMITIVISM: Bored with his tattoos and

    piercings, Jerome looks for an alternative form of body modification.

    MEAN PEOPLE SUCK: A snot. A jock. A rebel. None of them is

    exactly nice, but they get what they deserve. VELOCITY RULES: A

    housewife discovers that she is actually a superhero and must choose

    between a life of excitement and glamour or her good old boy husband

    whom she still loves. CHAPERONE: The story of Dorrie, a straitlaced

    midwestern woman who is asked to escort her 15-year-old

    niece on a first date. WHOA: An urban opera about a man at the

    wrong place at the wrong time. COPY SHOP: The story of a man who

    works in a copy shop and copies himself until he fills the whole world.

    PASSENGERS: In a grim metropolis, a feather lands on an unsuspecting

    head, triggering a momentary connection in a train full of

    strangers. THE PARLOR: A group of strangers in a waiting room pass

    the time with flirtation, antagonism and deceit. -Shaz Bennett

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