Made in Germany


  • Description
  • Who would think that the most difficult place in the world to run away from your problems would be an island in the Mediterranean Sea?

    Writer/director Dominik Graf explores Corsica, along with the possibilities of digital video, in this tale of good-byes, bad decisions and obsession. Katrin agrees to a final farewell trip with Jurgen, her lover and boss, who is ending their relationship because his wife is pregnant. They pull apart slowly, then suddenly, like a rubber band breaking, flinging Katrin into a collision with Malte, a charismatic delinquent half her age. Working in a reform camp is his last chance before prison, and he will throw it away to spend one afternoon with her.

    Realism pervades this sea-bound drama, even while two narrators reflect upon deeper meanings and possibilities. Like the Senegalese trader selling wares on the beach, Graf is unafraid to admit he is telling a story.

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