Latin Cinema Series


  • Description
  • Weaving a hypnotic score with breathtaking cinematography, director Jorge Aguilera presents a story of loss and redemption in his debut film.

    After the death of six-year-old Dalia, her mother eludes grief by hosting a scandalous TV talk show, her brother escapes into a relationship with a ballerina, and her father drifts into madness. But after 11 years of avoidance, they find the only way to alleviate the brutality of life is by facing it head-on. Traversing between reality, memory and imagination, ABOUT THE LIVING pieces together a poem of grief, escape, family and love.

    Using image, music, long silences and sparse dialogue, Aguilera implies the most important things we say are not spoken but conveyed-with a silent glance, a gesture or a touch of the hand.

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