Made in Germany


  • Description
  • Move over BLAZING SADDLES and make room for this English dubbed German box office record-breaking madcap Western spoof that holds nothing sacred.

    In order to buy a saloon for his tribe, Apache Chief Abahachi takes out a loan from a Shoshone lender. As it turns out, the real estate agent is actually a really mean bad guy named Santa Maria, and the saloon is a, fake. Santa Maria steals the money kills Funny Rabbit, son of the Shoshone Chief, while Abahachi and his white blood brother, Ranger, take the blame. Their only option is to find the treasure bequeathed to Abahachi by his grandfather Mad Cow, pay back the Shoshone and prove their innocence.

    Writer/ director/s tar Michael "Bully" Herbig shot this film on locations once used by Sergio Leone. With adamant vigilance, he has realized his vision of absurd hilarity and absolute.

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