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  • After Lynne Ramsay's first short film received the 1996 Cannes Jury Prize, she continued to win critical acclaim with her feature debut, RATCATCHER. MORVERN CALLAR is the assured sophomore film from Ramsay, starring the stellar Samantha Morton (SWEET & LOWDOWN, MINORITY REPORT, JESUS' SON).

    When Morvern's boyfriend unexpectedly commits suicide, she's left alone and heartbroken. With her life in tatters, she decides to publish his finished novel with her name on it, using the money he left her to take a vacation to Spain with her friend. Of course, she'd like him back, but life is never that simple.

    Fueled by a strong, layered script co-written by Ramsay and Liana Dognini (based on Alan Warner's novel) and propelled forward by Morton's astonishingly potent performance, MORVERN CALLAR is a deeply resonant film.

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