International Documentary Competition


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  • Rarely has the increasingly familiar tale of filmmakers making movies about movies been explored with such impact and resonance as in MOZAMBIQUE WHERE FILM GOES. The depiction of the moving images featured in this documentary-and the audiences' reactions to these images-has lyrical beauty.

    From August to October 2001, "Cinemovel" has crossed Mozambique. Screening films while recording the modern day buskers who bring African, European and American movies to these rural villages, MOZAMBIQUE WHERE FILM GOES envelops and dissects the different facets of this country, including issues of social and cultural development, literacy and the fight against AIDS.

    Directors Nelle Ferrieri and Raffaele Rago have created a poetic homage to both filmmaker and filmgoer that, rather than romanticizing the process, embraces the fight for survival (both creative and literal) in unvarnished realism.

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