European Showcase


  • Description
  • Award-winning British director Ken Loach (SWEET SIXTEEN, BREAD AND ROSES) makes a powerful return to the Festival with this timely drama with a timeless theme: the inexorable conflict between hearts and minds.

    Casim is the only son of a proud Pakastani Muslim family in Glasgow, dutifully betrothed to a first cousin he's never met but deeply in love with Raisin, a white music teacher at his sister's Catholic school. Which bonds are the strongest? Which love the greatest? Which pain the deepest? Which sacrifice the largest? Which consequence the most profound?

    These are the complex questions Loach straight-forwardly poses but refrains from patly answering, instead engaging his audience in a rich, thought-provoking contemplation of just what it is that sets us apart and what ultimately unites us.

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