American Directions


  • Description
  • Bowling is back with a vengeance. Pete Webber, a renegade McEnroe-esque bad boy, returns to claim bowling's top honor from Walter Ray Williams, the cool headed, mild mannered pro who took it from him years ago.

    This is not your Monday night Bowling League. Featuring nostalgic footage of America's first love affair with bowling up to it; modern day bid for resurgence, this entertaining look at the PBA's first tour in years introduces the professional bowlers of glory days past who emerge to be a port of its renaissance. On the road documenting their personal struggles to stay on tour and make it to the top, A LEAGUE OF ORDINARY GENTLEMEN affirms that this game is no joke and only the most focused, dedicated and skilled need apply.

    With an entertaining cast of characters and riveting coverage of the championship match, you will be gasping on the edge of your seat until the last pin falls.

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