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  • Actor Tim Daly goes behind the camera as producer and co-director with DP/ co-director Clark Mathis for this sobering study of the unfathomable nature of grief and its devastating effects on a too-young widow.

    Aspiring photographer Molly led an idyllically charmed life until the accidental death of her husband left her living an imperfect reality she was utterly unprepared to face. Increasingly unaware of how to behave anymore, her bereavement leads Molly to engage in ever riskier behavior, from emboldening and rebellious to reckless and endangering, and, ultimately, to criminal and violent.

    Well-written and acted, especially the ever dependable Marsha Mason and Edward Hermann , and sumptuously photographed to powerfully underscore the emotional turbulence, BEREFT is a dark, honest an d complex film with a crucially nonjudgmental eye.

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